ToutApp CEO gives advice on cold emailing

Not all business owners and entrepreneurs are natural born sales people. But anyone who is running a business needs to know how to sell; whether it is selling the company to potential investors and job candidates or the product/service to potential customers, it is necessary to move the business along.

Nowadays, leveraging email to start the sales process is widely used and can be highly effective for many types of companies. We recently caught up with expert in cold emailing, Tawheed Kader, CEO and Founder of ToutApp. Tawheed’s advice to those who are inexperienced in cold emailing:

“Don’t try to close the deal on your first cold email. Realize that the goal of a cold email is to give enough of a promise so that it starts a conversation. So pick your words wisely and keep it short and sweet.”

Developing prospects takes time and multiple interactions to turn them into a customer. At first you just want to pique their interest.

Founded in 2011, ToutApp is a sales communication platform. Their features include templates and email, web and presentation tracking. It is the standard for any B2B sales team.

What sales techniques have you found effective?


One thought on “ToutApp CEO gives advice on cold emailing

  1. This is great advice! I'd love to hear more about the entire process. How do you know when it is the right time to try to close the deal and when it is a waste of time?


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