SocialRank Co-Founder on building the core offering

Diversification.AlexTaub.SocialRankIn the early stages of a company entrepreneurs focus a significant amount of time on the day-to-day tactical level. Each small milestone builds the business: build the MVP, get beta customers, get a paying customer, etc. They take the simplest path to achieve achieve their goals. It is, however, important to keep the big picture in mind. What kind of company do you want to build and how do you minimize risks?

We recently caught up Alex Taub, Co-founder of SocialRank, a technology company that provides top 10 lists for three types of followers on Twitter. Alex tells us that dependency is a tricky situation. “For us, we started with Twitter because we like the team, network and had familiarity with the API. We will add more networks soon but you have to start somewhere.” SocialRank started where they they felt made the most sense.

Alex’s advice to other technology companies who’s offering is integral with technology partners is: “Try your hardest to stay in a good box with any API you use, as the terms may change.”  Focus on the company’s core product and push along development when necessary, Alex says, “You should never build something that you know the company with the API will build themselves. It is okay to build pieces of what they will build if they haven’t built it yet, but only if it is not core to your offering.”

How do you keep focus on the core offering?



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