HeadBlade Founder held out for his niche market


Nowadays it seems like you can find niche products and services for almost anything. As technology, culture and habits evolve, we see niche products turning mainstream. It was not so long ago that tablets were considered a product for a niche market. (The Apple Newton came out in 1993.)

Back in 1999 most men who were losing their hair were not shaving their heads. “Shaving one’s head was definitely not mainstream and not even considered an acceptable hairstyle.” Says President and Founder of HeadBlade, Todd Greene. Shaving his head was Todd’s solution to hair loss and he knew that he was at the beginning of the bell curve.

Todd built his solution: a razor based on the idea of making your finger the handle and using a car-like suspension for a nick-free shave.” Now HeadBlade has evolved into a complete lineup of men’s headcare and grooming accessories.

“The longer I could hold out, the more people would enter the marketplace and eventually head shaving would be accepted and mainstream.”

Culture and perceptions evolved enabling Todd’s product to gain traction. What are the niche products of today that will become mainstream?